Halvik Awarded Data Migration and Transfer Contract in Support of NOAA

Halvik a leading provider of Agile Full Software Lifecycle services for Federal Agencies, has been awarded a year contract with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to provide services for the transfer, migration, and retention of critical historical data.

Halvik is supporting NOAA with preserving critical atmospheric and aircraft navigation data from a fleet of two WP-3D Orion Hurricane Hunter aircraft (P-3) and one Gulfstream – GIV-SP Hurricane Surveillance aircraft (G-IV) in a wide variety of atmospheric phenomena such as hurricanes, severe winter weather, and near super-cell thunderstorms. For years, those data sets were recorded on a number of different media platforms including Digital Data Storage (DDS) tapes, Compact Discs (CDs), audio cassette, and reel to reel magnetic tape. There is a limited shelf life on these types of data storage devices and preserving the data on these perishable storage devices requires special equipment to read the data, transfer and retain the data. Halvik is providing specialized services to ensure the retention of all historical data in long-term storage format to allow continued scientific analysis and analytics for shifting weather information.

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